Our Mission

The Mission of BRP Health Management Systems, Inc. is to partner with our residents and their families to provide a quality home environment conducive to healing, growth and fulfillment; one that empowers each resident, and celebrates each one’s life, accomplishments and personal goals for the future. We also value our employees and strive to empower and encourage each to reach their full potential by providing a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning, caring and personal growth.

Our Vision

BRP’s vision is to be the health care provider of choice for individuals with complex and enduring health care needs by building an interlocking network of services which delivers the greatest amount of benefit at the lowest possible cost.

The BRP Difference

At the core of BRP is our philosophy of caring. Our care centers are more patient oriented than profit oriented.  BRP’s management strives to allow each of our care center administrator’s the autonomy to truly meet the needs of his or her facility’s residents.  Our staffing levels are higher than our competition, which means that the level of care we provide is also higher. Our superior level of care also means that we are uniquely skilled to treat individuals whose care requirements often exceed other facility’s capabilities, particularly residents with behavioral and psychiatric health management needs.

Our Corporate Care Center

BRP Health Management Services, Inc. is driven to provide its care centers with the resources they need to provide benevolent, responsive and  professional care to its residents.

Nurturing quality of care and compassion within our care centers is our top priority and our corporate culture revolves around active participation in  the communities in which we serve. Our care centers, residents and corporate office take pride in connecting with each other and their hometowns.

We understand that making a decision to send your loved one to a skilled nursing facility or nursing home is never easy. Having access to the right information at a time when decisions are made under a high degree of emotional stress is the key to your peace of mind and your loved one’s comfort and care. BRP is here to answer all of your questions in order for you can make an informed decision that you can feel good about. We are here to help because, at our core, we understand that good care involves more than just good medicine.