This policy addresses the use of Internet and Intranet resources at BRP Health Management. It is addressed to each BRP Health Management employee.


In your use of the Internet and Intranet, you are expected to abide by the BRP Health Management values and rules of conduct, as found in the BRP Health Management employee handbook.

Work-Related Internet Use Encouraged

You are encouraged to use the resources of the Internet to the fullest extent possible, providing that such use is related to your job function, assists you in performing your duties, and is designed to help BRP Health Management succeed.

Official Statements of BRP Health Management Policy or Position

Official statements of BRP Health Management policy or position are not normally disseminated via Usenet postings or Internet E-mail. If your unofficial Internet communication could be construed as an official BRP Health Management statement, you must label it as your opinion. This is done by including words such as, “This message represents my opinion, and is not an official BRP Health Management.”


In addition to the general guidelines of this policy, the following are specifically prohibited:

  • Personal use of BRP Health Management or Intranet resources outside the scope of that allowed in the BRP Health Management employee handbook.
  • Use of BRP Health Management Internet or Intranet resources for personal commercial ventures or personal financial gain.
  • Uncompressing or running Internet-downloaded software on any BRP Health Management system without direct permission from the system advisor.
  • Accessing the Intranet from the Internet without use of authentication measures approved and issued by Information Systems.
  • Downloading, displaying, or disseminating anything that would violate BRP Health Management sexual harassment policy as described in the BRP Health Management employee handbook.
  • Providing non-employees access to BRP Health Management systems or information, or customer systems or information, without appropriate authorization or disclosure agreements.

Disciplinary Action

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action against you, as described in the rules of conduct, in the BRP Health Management handbook.


  • E-mail – Electronic mail sent via the Intranet or Internet.
  • Employee – Anyone employed by BRP Health Management. Contractors, on-site vendors, and anyone else with authorized access to BRP Health Management are considered employees for the scope of this document.
  • Internet – Computer systems and networks outside of BRP Health Management Intranet.
  • Internet and Intranet Resources – Anything that facilitates use of the Internet or Intranet. Includes but is not limited to: Computer systems, software, services, http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), ftp (File Transfer Protocol), www (The World Wide Web), E-mail, and modem connections.
  • Intranet – BRP Health Management computer systems, networks, software, and services.

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