Career Application Detailed Instructions


*PLEASE NOTE: No hiring decisions will be based on the method or combination of methods that an applicant chooses to obtain, complete or submit an application, provided that the applicant uses an acceptable method listed below.

Obtain a blank application:

  1. Like Using Computers? Download the PDF employment application (select save).
  2. Hate Using Computers? Pick-up an application from one of our locations.
  3. Somewhere in-between? Print the PDF employment application (select open, then print)

Complete or revise an application:

  1. Like Using Computers? Using your computer, type in the required sections of the PDF employment application previously downloaded, remembering to save often.
  2. Hate Using Computers? Complete the required sections of the employment application with legible handwriting using black or blue ink.
  3. Somewhere in-between? Complete the required sections of the employment application with a typewriter.

Submit a completed application before the close date:

  1. Like Using Computers? Upload the completed PDF employment application (resume upload optional) along with some basic identifying information after clicking on the “apply” link next to an advertised opening.
  2. Hate Using Computers? Submit a completed application (resume optional) to a business office at one of our locations.
  3. Somewhere in-between? Fax the completed application (resume optional) to (208) 233-4750, or scan and e-mail the completed application to

Career FAQs

      • What if I have questions during the application process?
        • Please review the detailed application instructions on this page, or call our Hiring Specialist during business hours at (208) 233-4673. You may also contact one of our the business office staff at one of our locations.
      • Will I be contacted after I submit a completed application?
        • While BRP Health does not guarantee contact following an application submission, naturally we will attempt to contact applicants for finalist interviews and offers of employment. We will also make efforts to contact applicants who have not been chosen for hire provided a valid e-mail address was submitted with their application. Applicants are welcome to contact the Hiring Specialist (208) 233-4673 during normal business hours to confirm their application has been received.
      • If I am not chosen for a career opening that I applied for, can I continue to apply for other positions?
        • Yes! You can continue to apply for positions that you feel best meet your qualifications.
      • Will my application be kept on file?
        • BRP does not obligate itself or its managers to keep applications on file, forward applications to other managers, resubmit your applications to other postings, etc. However, we encourage applicants to save a hard or electronic copy of their application that they may quickly revise if they desire to apply to multiple positions.