Improving the care of adolescents with co-occurring disorders

Located in Twin Falls, Idaho, the John T. Raukar Institute is a 23-bed facility that provides specialized residential treatment for adolescents with co-occurring mental health and alcohol/chemical dependency issues.

Treatment Philosophy
We believe that the successful treatment of any addiction requires individualized treatment of the entire person on a physical, emotional, behavioral, family, social, and spiritual basis. The patients must learn about the disease of addiction, and about their own unique problems including their family and relationship roles. Successful treatment must include therapy for the family and significant others.

Our treatment philosophy is centered upon the concept of addiction as a both a personal and a family disease. This disease manifests itself in individual family members and places loved ones at high risk for developing behaviors that undermine their own health and sense of well-being. When secondary emotional problems such as depression are present, therapy must be initiated to assure the rewards and benefits that accompany abstinence.

Finally, treatment is seen as beginning the process of recovery in which the patients are given skills to interrupt their illness and to implement a plan for continuing recovery.

Aftercare, post treatment referrals, and follow-up are an important part of the individual’s ongoing recovery.



  • Comprehensive patient needs assessment
  • Inpatient setting with structured group sessions and individual therapy
  • Focus on 12-step philosophy
  • Treatment plans include individualized goals and objectives
  • Abstinence from drugs and alcohol is prerequisite to success
  • 23-bed resident facility
  • More than 55 years experience working with juveniles with co-occurring disorders
  • Accepts most major insurance

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Our Care

Transforming Young Lives
The goal of our inpatient residential program is to foster a lifetime of abstinence from alcohol and other mood-altering chemicals, thereby improving our patient’s overall quality of life for today, tomorrow and the future. The ultimate goal is personality change or change in basic thinking, feeling and acting in the world. We accomplish this by working to change the patient’s beliefs about his or her relationship to others and to self.

Our Approach
We understand the unique needs of our adolescent patients and have developed a highly specialized program to assist them in transforming their lives. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals consists of counselors, psychologists and medical staff to plan and assist in the treatment of each patient, which includes:

  • Group Therapy: 70–80%. Group sessions allow patients to gain a broader reality into their addiction, and psychological issues, overcome denial and gain a greater acceptance of personal responsibility and hope for a better life. Patients also participate in recreation groups, educational activities and aftercare planning sessions.
  • Individual Therapy: 20–30%. Individual sessions are used to facilitate progress in the treatment and to address issues that may be too sensitive or unique to be dealt within a group setting.
  • Duration of Treatment: In our residential setting, the typical length of treatment is 45–90 days, followed by an 8–12 week intensive
    outpatient program.
  • Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Therapies are also encouraged.


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John T. Rauker – Administrator
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