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Senior Lifestyle Update

Below is a question and answer section that is featured in the Times News, enjoy this week’s question.



Two of our family’s oldest members will be joining us for Christmas. We want them to feel special and included in every way. Do you have any ideas for us?



Memories are a huge part of the holidays. Even older adults who have trouble recalling what happened last week, or even earlier today, may vividly recall holiday gatherings of the distant past! Encourage them to share these memories. Telling their stories will give elders pleasure, and will
help inform younger generations, too. Be sure to have picture albums handy to stimulate old memories. Include traditional holiday music in your event. Family members of all ages will enjoy a holiday sing-a-long. Encourage older adults to take part in holiday meal preparation by asking them to do simple,
helpful tasks. Remember to keep your fl oors clear of loose rugs or other items that could cause a fall. Extend your holiday festivities! Invite your senior family members to join you on a leisurely drive to look at holiday decorations in your town, or attend a community holiday dinner, musical event or play.

Happy Holidays!